3D Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp LED

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Emitting Color black

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Product sellpoints

perfect choice: It is an ideal perfect choice for holiday gifts or wedding anniversary, birthday, party and so on.

battery type: The led light has a battery powered switch, perfectly integrated into any flat surface.

natural look: Unique design, no matter how you put it, this magnet light will make your room more beautiful.

How to install and use:

  1. Please place the product on the water platform. (Obviously uneven surface will affect the normal operation of the product)
  2. Insert the transformer power supply into the power supply hole.
  3. Please refer to the schematic diagram, put the auxiliary floating blue spoon directly above the moon, hold the moon with your other hand, and slowly move from bottom to top to the top. As large as the moon is about 1-2 cm from the top, you will feel an electromagnetic force pulling the moon, then slowly let go of your hands, the moon can be suspended in the air.
  4. Take out the blue spoon and gently rotate the sphere by hand.
  5. Touch the touch switch under the product with your finger and the moon will glow.


product description:

Voltage 110-220 (V)
Shade material ABS
Product size:

lamp body length 200mm

Width 140mm
Height 260mm
Irradiation area: 3-8 square meters
Switch touch
Modern and simple style
Average service life 10000 (h)
gift-giving occasions: birthdays, holidays, housewarming, trade fairs,
advertising promotions, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations,
business gifts, opening ceremonies, awards commemorations, public
relations planning
Light color: golden elbow + three-color light-changing moon, black elbow + three-color light-changing moon
Light source power 3W(W)

packing list:
1*Magnetic levitation moon light
1*Adapter charger